Identity and product branding is as important as the company and product you make. Our goal in identity branding design is to give that impression at first glance. Bad Brand Identity can send the wrong message to anyone who might be hesitant in the first place. You need to secure confidence in your customer or clients before they ever meet you.¬†On this page you’ll find a few examples of Branding/Logo and Product Identity.

American Grappling Federation Brand Icon

American Grappling Federation

Watson AirLock Brand Icon

Watson Airlock

Crossfit Waxahachie Brand Icon

Crossfit Waxahachie


The example below is a dual style Brand. It works as a single piece or as independent parts. All parts of the logo come completely apart. The logo is 100% vector based and is scaleable to any size. The idea of making the logos so they can be pulled apart is because in some situations with printing or embroidery, using the entire piece can end up becoming a jumbled mess. With a detailed logo like this we always provide a simplified color and black and white version.


This image was created for Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania. This was a complete brand package that encompassed the mascot along with all of the text styling.


This sample below is an example of a complex one piece logo. The main thing to keep in mind when requesting a logo like this is that it might not fit well in some small applications such as embroidery and small promotional products. This logo is also 100% vector based and is scaleable to any size.


The logo below is an example of a simple color design. This design came with multiple options for different types of media. Click HERE to see the complete set.

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